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Corrado Dalcò – Mixing analog and digital photography to push the established limits

How would you define your style in photography?

Well, let’s start with a difficult question immediately 🙂

I have never considered mine a real style, even though it is actually the style that distinguishes one photographer from another.

I believe my style is a set of styles, or a set of inspirations and passions that have always fueled my research. Someone called me irreverent, but I’m not always like that.

In my images that fund of provocation, of experimentation are always traceable, as is my desire to always push myself a little beyond the established limits.

Why did you choose photography as the art form to express yourself?

Obviously it was not so immediately. My education is from an art school, I first learned how to draw comics, then I tried to be an illustrator, but obviously with very little results.

With photography I found my world, I managed to get what I wanted, certainly not with small efforts, coming from the analogical world the not only economic commitments to start this job were not few.

Then I discovered a real world, from instant photography to commercial photography, and I started to merge the worlds, the styles and to understand that there was so much to say.

Which are some of the photography projects or shoots you’re most proud of?

There are several, perhaps the one I never forgot is “My Home is the Sea“.

It was a particular period of my life, I loved shooting in Polaroid and this was the first time they let me do what I wanted. It was fantastic, and even though after that time I repeated the experience of shooting in Polaroid several times, it was not like the first time.

If you could shoot with any character, from celebrities to historical, who would your model be?

Did I mention the naked Pope?

You also work as a Photography teacher. What do you enjoy the most about teaching?

The teaching is beautiful. I especially like comparing myself with the guys who are beginners and want to learn from you, so I try to create a sort of interpersonal exchange, where I share my experience from an unconventional eye, spurring kids to do things that are always different and for this is an always fresh view of things. I am very happy to have this experience and I would like to learn more and more about it. We’ll see.

What is your definition of eroticism?

So, let’s start from the beginning that I don’t call myself an erotic photographer. As it is difficult for me to define my photography, to define eroticism is not so simple.

It is something that comes from within, anything, and, if you like, anything knows about eroticism. And I usually prefer that my images speak for me. Above all of this, but also of other.

Social Media platforms are a huge opportunity for creatives to showcase their work and get noticed. Do you have any personal preferences concerning social media?

Not all that glitters is gold. In the sense that there are pros but also many against sharing their images. Of course, Instagram is the absolute master in terms of sharing, even though I preferred tumblr before it lapsed. Flickr always has a great following but has not been able to take advantage of the good moment.

So undoubtedly Instagram, besides of course your pro site, where you don’t have to submit to horrible censorship laws, to which I’m making a merciless war, other things are useless, in my opinion.

What would your advice be to a young photographer starting to share his or her work online?

Like all things, you do things well. I mean, don’t be in a hurry to share, don’t saturate the media with a thousand photos, try to have planning in doing so by creating a style even in your social profile.

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