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Ekayyne – Bodies and landscapes, two words of infinite passion

Your compositions often feature the sensuality of the human body and the beauty of landscapes. Where’s the connection to you, Ekayyne?

Humans and landscapes appears to me like an obvious connection. Those two worlds are passionately infinite. They are universal. I love creating those visuals and I felt like people would enjoy as much as I did.

Which elements do you think strike the eye of the viewer when looking at your compositions?

I think it’s the humans body parts because it is always an important piece of the composition. And it might be what we are all most connected to so it wouldn’t be a surprise. The bright colors used in some images must also attract the eye in a certain way.

Are there any artists or designers that inspired you?

Talking about the collage technique it’s definitely the work of Jens Ullrich. He combines sport athlete’s bodies with classical sculptures and it’s just stunning. I also love the body exploration of @mariussperlich, the pure beauty of @blackcollage_ inspiration and the raw reality drawn by @exotic.cancer, and many more of course.

Could you tell us more about your creative process?

This can be a question of minutes and sometimes it can take few months to get the perfect match. It can start from an idea that brings me to a visual or the opposite. It’s very random.

What do you think is the role of eroticism in art?

It’s part of human nature and it is necessary to represent it in creation. It has been present in art forever and it will also be in the future, it’s something really important and we should not be ashamed of it. Art defines who we are and we should simply pursue our creative desires.

What plans do you have for the future Ekayyne?

I’d love to push even further the limits of the Humans and landscapes series. I wish I could live fully of my creation, this becomes imminent and it makes me happy. So yeah basically I would say to keep creating things, whether doing collages or other forms of art. Just be able to express myself in the future. 

Are there any tips for young artists that just started showing their work online that you would like to share?

That person should follow his instinct, create things naturally, and be productive. Creating a series allowed me also to push further some ideas so it might be a good idea to structure the work. Ah and yeah, be passionate.

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