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Frida Castelli – Centimeters between lips about to kiss

Who is “Frida Castelli”?

Frida Castelli is an illustrator who was overwhelmed by a love story and tells it through her drawings.

What is eroticism for you?

Centimeters between lips about to kiss.

Your intimacy has had a strong impact on your art. Conversely, how has your art impacted your intimacy?

I believe that my drawings have had a strong impact on my intimacy because they created a temporal bridge between one meeting and another, giving the illusion of a continuity that fueled the passion until it exploded with each new meeting.

In 2018 you had the opportunity to exhibit your works at NYX in Milan. How did it go and what do you take home from this experience?

In recent years I have mainly exhibited abroad.

NYX was a very rewarding experience from an artistic and personal point of view.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Question Mark, a young and dynamic art gallery that set up a space for me in a location that at the time represented a very important point of reference and that closed the circle of a path that revolved around hotel rooms told in the book “Hotel rooms”.

In this path of sharing your personal sphere through social networks, what was the greatest satisfaction? And the most difficult moment?

I live both great satisfactions and “difficult” moments every day.

One of the things that gratify me most is to discover that many couples relive their relationship through my drawings and use my page to exchange messages of love; makes me think that somehow I have created a meeting place that welcomes and invites to kindness and passion.

At the same time, representing a personal story means exposing it to an audience that does not always welcome the contents I share with the right spirit, and every attack, even the most trivial, is an attack on my person and not on my character.

What would Frida Castelli want to do when she grows up?

Being able to acquire an autonomy as an artist such as to be able to support socially relevant projects in a more incisive way.

My goal is to convert my visibility as an artist into something useful for the community.

If you could send a message to all those who are starting to tell their erotic dimension thanks to the web, what would it be?

Learning the difference between eroticism and pornography (and respecting both) would be a great place to start.

Would you like to suggest an artist or project that you follow and that reflects your vision of eroticism?

My vision of eroticism is much closer to classical art than to contemporary art. Perhaps the artist closest to our times who comes closest to my idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeroticism is Egon Schiele.

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