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Funkgator – Eroticart graffiti from the 70s

How did you become a painter?

Well I come from an art based family and my father is a well known painter, so i guess its in my blood. I’ve also grown up in Miami where the graffiti scene is thriving and I’ve been doing it since i was 15 years old.

Your artworks are very bright and colourful. How would you define your style, and which are you recurring themes?

My style comes from my earlier years as a graffiti artist on the streets of Miami where that boldness of color is necessary to catch your eye when you pass by it.

You want it to be as bright and appealing to the eye as possible. So i take a lot of elements from graffiti and funky old school 60s and 70s bold cartoon works.

What kind of feedback did you receive from the online community?

I really only paint for myself and paint things i like to look at, but everyone so far has seemed to love it, i guess I’m doing something right haha.

Did you always had in mind to become able to sell your art online?

I always liked the idea of being able to produce a lot of quality work on smaller canvas to give everyone the chance to purchase something hand painted at a reasonable price.

They are also like little collectables. But I’m not really doing it for the money, sure its nice to have a couple extra bucks in my pocket.

I just really enjoy producing as much work as i do. Its been a form of meditation for me. Im able to get home from work, throw on some music and just paint which I really enjoy.

How would you like to make people feel, when the watch your art?

I like making things that are interesting to look at and you haven’t seen anywhere else. It’s been incredible how much my style has evolved into something I could’ve never imagined. Im really content with what the future holds with my art.

We’ve seen you also worked on an amazing mural! Could you tell us more?

Well growing up doing graffiti you’re use to painting big sides of building and big walls, so really my mural works reflects that part of my life. Im hoping in the future to be able to paint whole buildings with my bright and colorful style. But for now little shutters on the side of the road will do.

How would you define eroticism?

I guess just anything portraying sexuality or the act of being sexual …. I just enjoy painting ladies, naked or with clothes I’m not too picky. The form and meaning of the piece changes a lot clothed and unclothed

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How do you see the role of eroticism in your art?

Im not sure I really have a role for it yet, because I paint anything from surrealism to some of the crazy erotic style. So as of now I don’t really think I have any role in eroticism.

Would you recommend us any inspiring erotic artist that you love?

Yes my father, he’s really something special when it comes to erotica. People on the internet are seeming to love his stuff and you can check him out on instagram @pulpbrother