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Gregorio Carullo – Capturing all the facets of femininity

Tell us a bit about yourself: who is Greg?

Good question!  I’m 32 years old, I come from Salerno, a city in southern Italy and I’ve lived in London for about 4 years.  

I have always been passionate about everything that is art but I particularly love drawing and painting, not by chance my favorite place in the world is the national gallery in London.  

I started getting passionate about photography quite late, in fact I bought my first reflex at the age of 25 and at 26 I did my first shooting with a professional model, it was September 8th 2013, I’ll never forget it.  

All thanks to the meeting with Californian photographer Mark Velasquez known on instagram, of which I was and still am a huge fan, today I consider him like an older brother.  He is the example that in photography we should never stop learning and innovating.

What is the concept behind Femmes?

Femmes is my way of looking at the female universe, all I can understand from women I meet I try to turn it into images to show the world, without patinas or filters, the strength and weaknesses laid bare.

How did you learn photography?

I learned everything I know with the practice, I literally merged three cameras in the first few years taking hundreds of thousands of photos to refine the technique, it was a very long journey but at least I am sure I have developed a personal style without being influenced by any  other photographers.

When did a passion became a profession?

I think the moment my passion became a profession was after my first exhibition in January 2014. It was so successful that it fell natural to start a career as a photographer.

How do you choose the right model to work with?

Usually my instincts guide me, I prefer working with girls who are not part of the world of photography, so 90% of my models are not professionals, I love their spontaneity.

What kind of woman are you trying to portrait with your photography work?

I don’t have an ideal woman to follow, I really like to change genre after shooting, I want to capture all the facets of femininity.

How would you define eroticism, and what role does eroticism hold in your daily life?

Eroticism is something to show off, an aspect of human nature to be proud of, to be cultivated every day, with a much deeper meaning than just the physical aspect

Eroticism is mental, the body is only the way we express our thoughts.  

In my life eroticism is a fundamental part, I have always loved all that is eroticism, photography was the last step, I was always passionate about literature, drawing, music and films in an erotic way and with my photography I try to  show others what I feel.

What’s Space 63? How is the project going?

Space 63 is my photographic studio in London, inaugurated in January 2018 is a space set in a Victorian building in the Shoreditch district.  It’s all I’ve always wanted to achieve, a space where I can meet and compare with the best creative people in the world.  

Space 63 does not just host photographers, it is the perfect place for exhibitions, artistic performances of all kinds, jam sessions and even yoga workshops.  In short, if you want to express your creativity it is the perfect place.

Last but not least: would you recommend some inspiring creatives in erotica that you believe are worth following?

I’ll give you 3 names, those that have undoubtedly influenced me the most in my career: Mark Velasquez, my brother, the magician of natural light and continuous innovation, an essential guide for me.

Another is Corwin Prescott capable of transforming photographs into incredible stories immersed in uncontaminated nature.

And the last one is Derek Woods, his analogue shots are something incredible.

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