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Hifu Illustraciones – Showing those little daily pleasures

How was Hifu Ilustraciones born?

Hifu Illustraciones was like an accident. One day I was boring and I decided I don’t know why, to draw a few things I
like and makes me feel good
, like eating pizza, taking off my bra, kissing, I don’t know, that kind of
things that we all enjoy. The little pleasures of everyday.

I draw these things and when I noticed I have been doing like ten illustrations, I thought “I like it, I could do an ig account and publish them” and I did.

We’ve noticed that your art often portrait scenarios of love rather than provocation. Could you
tell us a bit more?

Yes, it depends on the day, my humor, how im feeling in that moment. Sometimes I feel more provocative, wild, and I want to draw something more erotic and sexy.

And other times, I feel more like tender love, hughs, cuddles, and that’s what I draw.

erotic illustration

What would you like people to get, when they look at your art?

I just want people to see and recognize that little daily pleasures we all have, and we all enjoy, and admit it, without being embarrassed of that.

Feel proud of themselves, and in some way, I just want people to feel a little bit of love and passion that I left in every piece.

What is eroticism to you?

Its essential. Eroticism are the things that make your skin goes goosebumps, that make your heart beating faster, and your head imagine any kind of things. Its fire.

Do you follow any particular ritual within your creative process?

Nope. I just draw when I feel like it.

erotic illustration
erotic illustration

What has been your greatest struggle in your building a following and growing as a content creator?

I had it very easily, I thought it was going to be hard to reach people and new followers. But I’ve always followed different artists and illustrators, and they have helped me a lot to grow up either my account and myself as an artist.

I think I found my greatest struggle now, with the new actualizations of the app and the algorithm, it’s a little bit harder for everyone I think to reach people and caption new followers.

And recently Facebook blocked my business account so I can’t make any promotion of my art, of my work, it makes me so angry, but I can’t do anything about it, I have to find different way to keep my account growing.

How do you see Hifu Illustraciones in 3 years?

I don’t have a clue. I mean, two years ago when I started with all these things, with Hifu, I’ve never imagined that I would be where I’m now. That I would be painting in events, selling my art, that my work would be in exhibition in different countrys, it’s insane, I cannot believe it yet.

But I can tell you, that I hope to keep growing and people still liking my work. I would love to travel
with my art, its one of my dreams.

Would you recommend inspiring profiles or artists that you follow?

Of course. My favourite illustrators are: @artgem @kushinov_ilya and @cococerella, my favouritegraphic designer and a model to follow for me, as an artist and as a human been.

Discover more on Hifu Illustraciones @hifu.ahttps://www.twitch.tv/hifuok