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Julie Illustration – Sexuality, Love and Passion with a Touch of Irony

Hi Julie Illustration! Please tell us a bit about yourself

Hi! My name is Julie, I am 23 years old. I am a Fashion designer based in Paris.
Illustration is my passion. I started to post my sketches on Instagram “Julie Illustration” for less than a year now and I am glad you enjoy it.

Which is the main concept behind your erotic illustrations?

Sexuality holds a big place in my life as in my creation processes. My main purpose
is to illustrate sexuality, love and passion sometimes with a touch of irony

I often draw scenes of my intimacy, desires or things that touched me. The greatest compliment that I can receive is when people tell me that they can find themselves in my illustration.

It’s really the goal that I am looking for, that people can relate to my drawings and understand what I wanted to communicate.

erotic illustration
erotic illustration

There are a lot of “geek” references in your works. Where does that come from?

Yes, I consider myself as a geek. I have loved video games since I am a young girl and I play it a lot. It’s a loophole to another world. The first game I played when I was young is GTA vice city stories and I fell in love with the aesthetics of the game and the freedom it gave to me.

We’ve seen you also work with lingerie, could you tell us a bit more?

Besides video games and illustrations, lingerie is my third passion! I always loved pretty lingerie, how it looks, the fabrics and how it makes me feel. As a girl, I think it’s very important to feel confident.

When a girl is confident about her, her worth, and her body she is immediately sexy. I think lingerie can bring all these to women.  So after my studies in fashion design I’ve started a school of fashion designer and pattern maker for underwear and swimwear.

I gave been doing a sandwich course for now 2 years. I am going to school some days in the week and during the other half, I work in an underwear and sportswear design company.

What is eroticism to you and what role does it hold in your life?

In my point of view, eroticism is about passion and sensuality. It’s the art of being or feel sexy but without being too vulgar. As I said previously, to me the feeling of being sexy helps to be self-confident. It
makes me more sure about myself and my feminity, I have no doubt about who I am and it’s a real strength to me.

Often times your art mixes eroticism with irony. How do you see the connection between the two?

I don’t just want to draw erotic acts or naked women. I want to put a meaning through that. There is always a wink to something or someone behind a sketch, It could be the colors, a detail, the atmosphere or in the caption. It’s a way to bring my personal touch and to suggest something different.

This makes my drawing funnier and girlier. Because sex is not just dirty, we shouldn’t take that too seriously.

erotic illustration

Irony can be used as a tool to provide a subtle critique of society. Which behaviours or taboos do you think should be abolished?

The first taboo that I would like to abolish is about women nudity. I don’t understand why we keep judging women because they are wearing a “too short” skirt, fishnet tights or when they put pictures of their bodies on the internet.

We should be able to dispose of our body and be able to do whatever we want without being judged.

Then, we should stop making “Sexuality” or “sex” such a big deal. Sex is not a taboo it’s a whole part of everyone’s life. Everybody should be able to talk about it serenely.
When I see instagram deleting all the nipples or erotic content I am like “what the heck?” Why is our society so afraid of such a natural thing?

What as been your greatest struggle and your greatest satisfaction in sharing your art online?

I have been confronted to a few struggles by sharing my art online.
The first one is of course the censure made by Instagram. It’s really frustrating because I can’t draw whatever I want. When I draw something for Instagram I always have to think about not going too far with nudity or sex exhibition. I can’t really express myself. But now I am getting over it.

Then, the second one has been people’s judgment around me. The first opinion people have when they meet me for the first time is that I am a sweet shy girl and it’s kind of true. haha But when they start to see what I draw they immediately think that I am just a very horny girl posting sexy content on the internet but I am so much more than this.

But hopefully, it’s not everybody! I have the support of my family and my close friends so it’s the only thing that matters to me.

How do you see Julie Illustration in 3 years?

Time is flying! By then I hope I will still get my account on Instagram and that it will still work for me. I would like to work as a freelancer, I love working from home!

Maybe working as an illustrator, fashion or graphic designer etc… I want to do so many things! Right now I’m living in Paris but after some years I would like to move in another city or country maybe UK, USA, Australia, Taiwan… I don’t know, there are so many great places to discover!

Discover more on Julie Illustration @julie.illustration