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What we believe in.

We believe in beauty.

We believe in harmony

We believe in the intimacy of art, in its natural expression.

We believe there is no right or wrong way of doing things but every human being has its own erotic dimension.

We believe erotic thinking to speak through images.

We believe the intimacy of bodies to be a subtle force not to be betrayed.

We believe one can perceive eroticism only through contact with nature.

Eroticism is perception, the sixth among senses.

Eroticism is the childish excitement of discovering desire for the first time.

Eroticism is waiting.

Eroticism is not a movement of matter, but of sensations.

Eroticism is both a realist but poetic lens at the same time. It’s looking at reality through the filter of imagination.

Eroticism follows desire as desire follows eroticism.

Eroticism is a universal language, free of barriers, taboos and with no need of being translated. 

Eroticism is a right.

We want to make space for this dimention.

We want to bring the beauty, the harmony and the art of Eroticism to light.