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My Dear Vagina – A real declaration of Love made to women

How did the idea for My Dear Vagina came about?

My Dear Vagina was born in early March 2018, after the release of the clip directed by Charlotte Abramow (a Belgian photographer and filmmaker): Les Passantes (Georges Brassens’ song).

I had already for a while wanted to do something, to show something. In the #metoo era, I felt anger, frustration, and I needed to exteriorize it in a sweet and creative way.

This clip gave me the impetus I was looking for. Manifesto of modern times, My Dear Vagina is a real declaration of love made to women by creative people looking to show off their sumptuousness on paper. This call to difference, this hymn to nature has no other purpose than to celebrate the female gender as it is, unique and beautiful. It is an ode to the love of the body of the woman, celebrated by staging creatives.

If you could send a message to your dear vagina, what would that be?

If I could send a message to my vulva / vagina, it’ll be: I’m not used to speak to my body. But then. You’re unique, beautiful and normal.

Be proud of yourself, don’t be ashamed. Feel free, dare be who you are. Every woman is different but every woman is gorgeous.

What do you think the world gets wrong about vaginas?

First of all, My Dear Vagina was not necessarily intended originally to show only staged vulvas. I wanted to highlight the female reproductive system, which makes a woman a woman.

And then I realized that I preferred to show only what is visible on our bodies, therefore not the vagina but the vulva. In France, there is often a confusion between these two terms, and that’s why it’s interesting to make a little reminder : the vagina is the female sexual organ (conduit that extends from the uterus to the vulva) and the vulva is the set of external genitalia of the woman. 

Then, I think people used to see a vagina/vulva as something embarrassing that we must not to talk about. While it’s the most beautiful thing, something natural, something that gives life. We all should be proud of it and do not be ashamed of us.

Have you found support from other… vaginas during your work?

I’ve found so much support. All around the world. From all ages. Young or old. My community is only love and sharing.

They are all super lovely with me, sending me messages full of kindness everyday to thank me, to tell me to continue my work and that my work helps them to be proud of their own bodies. That’s the best message I can receive. I’m doing everything especially for that. To show to everyone, man as woman, that vulvas are incredibles. And my whole community understands it. If this account can exists, that’s also thanks to them. I feel so lucky and grateful to share my page with these people.

We’ve seen you’re active with eco-friendly clothing and natural products for intimate care. What is your core message?

Yeah, I’m happy you’ve seen it. Indeed, I’m trying to be eco-active, as possible as I can. My message is to protect the nature. And the nature is your own body, your environment, our planet.

Nowadays, we need to act differently, to change our way of thinking. I prefer to buy clothes in thrift stores that new ones. I prefer to use respectful products for my body, and if I don’t find them, I prefer to invent them. As my current work with Nidé @nide_co (you can support my intimate care project voting here https://www.nide.co/projet/south-beauty).

That’s important to do things at your own pace, but to move forward whatever happens. There is no point in changing everything at once, but little by little, and go one.

How do you seen @mydearvagina in 5 years?

My Dear Vagina already allows to do « real-life » things concerning women body – gender equality. Like my intimate care. Or also I’m organizing an exhibition which will take place in September, 2019 in Paris (France). I’m so so happy to do such projects.

I would love to continue to do things like this. To fight against patriarchy with art. I’m open to every project concerning these themes. I would love to see My Dear Vagina growing to hundreds of thousands of people. Spreading love and respect. Doing stuff apart to it, to grow even more, even stronger.

The huge problem today is that my account is actively censored by Instagram. So I’m trying everyday to get around censorship as I can. That’s why people sharing my work are so important, ‘cause today that’s the only way to spread #mydearvagina outside our community. I just hope that my account will not be deleted one day as lots of other feminist accounts. And I hope that social medias will realize that there is no reason to censor women or art. No. Reason.

Would you recommend us another project you believe is worth following?

There are so many other projects which deserve to be followed that I can not name them all here.

Concerning french artist, I like @sheisangry, an honest illustrator, really nice girl, who makes great « feminists » drawings.

I also like @le_mot_rose, a young embroidery artist who is so lovely with people and her work.

But if you want a real list of people I love, just check my 85 Instagram « followings », piece of Instagram’s golden people.

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