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Phil Spinelli – A mutual discovery of sexuality

Hi there! Please tell us a bit more about Phil

Communicating something personal about yourself is never easy and I think I can do it through my illustrations.

They are me and I am them. They talk about me and I talk about them through them.

It is almost a vicious circle, a silent but very significant expressive form within which everything mixes, taking shape on me.

How did you learn to draw, and how did you come to develop this style?

Drawing as a child. It is a passion that I have always cultivated and I have defined drawing as my “breath”.
An essential element in my life that allows me to know myself and to communicate.

The style I developed was born in me like a real “big bang”.

It was a constant work and a getting to know each other and finding each other again, true and sincere, within a black and white that I felt pulsing inside me.

How do you see the role of eroticism in art?

Art is a very vast world and inside it contains myriads of artistic forms inherent to eroticism, some more or less valid (but in my small way I can only express a modest opinion).

I believe that every era has had its erotic expressive form very present and under many forms.

Eroticism plays a key role in every expressive form, whether it is a strong and direct representation of it, or whether it is an elegant and graceful representation.

Eroticism is an important key in the world around us and art, is that fundamental means, which allows it to be expressed without words.

Eroticism must not have bridles or preconceptions otherwise it loses its deeper meaning.

Eroticism is freedom, passion and form.

In many of your works, you portrait a “little man’s journey” of discovery of the other sex. Could you tell us a bit more?

A targeted question deserves a targeted response. As I said earlier in my works there is the most true and sincere Phil who silently communicates of himself.

Every single illustration speaks of me and I believe that this is the right key to express myself and constantly capture my curiosity and that of the people who see themselves in my works or who simply appreciate them.

I have always believed that a world without women is empty, lost and without a real foothold. It is not a question of roles, but I am portraying the man in this guise because I am, or rather he is, constantly searching for himself with her and in her.

It is a mutual discovery where the woman represents the whole universe that revolves around man. “The woman for me is the best dress a man can wear.” (Personal quote)

Out of all your drawings, which do you think is the one that represents you the most?

It is never easy to choose and define one’s own work as the best representative of oneself. The works change as those who create them change.

Over time, the way we see them and the way we see ourselves in them changes, changes. It is a continuous mixing, so at the moment I prefer to stay neutral and lose myself in them through a free eye and in constant

If you could work with any artist of your choice. Who would that be?

Working alone is already tiring and imagining being able to work with another artist would be even more difficult. However, I prefer not to mention anyone.

These things take shape on their own and in a completely improvised way, because before realizing something like this you really need to get to know each other thoroughly.

I will be honest, it is an experience that I would still like to try, even if only to scratch certain mental blocks and be able to mix different styles and find something really profound and meaningful.

Are there any other erotic artists that inspired you?

Even in this case I don’t name names. Everything is a source of inspiration, from an erotic artist to an artist who deals with a completely different subject.

The ability to grasp eros where it is not present is an important factor in the realization of new ideas that characterizes and makes them unique.

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