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Rae Lil Black – From amateur to Pornhub’s Top Model of the Month


Let’s break the ice: tell us 5 things nobody knows about Rae Lil Black. 

  • Super nerd 
  • Living with my parents 
  • I love pink 
  • Competitive 
  • McDonald’s lover 

How did you feel right after clicking the “Upload” button when publishing your first adult video ever?

I was just hoping it would get people’s attention.

How did you realize you wanted to do this job? Did you find it difficult to go from amateur to professional?

I have been always naughty since I was a small kid. So I’d say I was born this way haha I find it super difficult, and I’m still struggling.

I haven’t done much professional shoots, but people(audiences) always see me as an amateur model.

I’m totally fine with it, but I hope I can change my character/ atmosphere depends on shootings. And I hope I can try more professional stuff too. 

You went from amateur star to getting professional collaborations. How do you experience your sexuality in your private life compared to a professional performance?

I actually don’t have sex in my real life. Like few times in 6 months or so.

It’s not that I don’t want it, but I’ve been concentrating on my study when I don’t have work.

But I try to enjoy sex as much as I can both on camera and off camera. For me, there’s no difference if there’s a camera in front of me or not.

Your body is your temple. How do you take care of it?

I drink a lot of water… do a bit of yoga… eat a lot of hamburgers.. 

Do you have any rituals you run when preparing before a performance?

Hmm I don’t eat much before shooting. I love to stay hungry and ready to eat anything haha And I always wash my vagina with douche. That’s it!

Did your family and friends support you when you started your journey in the adult world? How did you manage the relationship with them? Do you have any advice?

My family doesn’t know about it. And I don’t have many friends, so it wasn’t a problem haha I got some friends who know about it but they don’t even care what I’m doing. They care how I feel and if I’m happy

You’re from Tokyo but you’re an international star and you must travel a lot. What is your relationship with the Japanese culture, and how is the adult industry seen in Japan?

I’m not from Tokyo. I’m from small city in western Japan. I love Japanese culture and history. But I don’t like the mentality and the way of thinking.

Not everyone is close minded, but I must say there are still a lot of people who thinks tattoos/piercings are bad, lesbian/gay/bi/trans etc are strange and we cannot even marry if it’s not male and female.

My mom told me that I’m not allowed to stay with my boyfriend (ex boyfriend) until I get married.  So this is how it is. 

Japanese culture seems advanced, but reality is different. At least for me, personally. 

Were you surprised when you discovered you were Pornhub’s Top Model of the Month in July 2019?

Yes because I wasn’t doing anything in July haha I still don’t know why I was chosen

You’re a huge fan of Metal. Do you ever listen to music while having sex? Would you recommend us the top 5 songs in your sex playlist?

Do you even care about music when sex is about into start?! Haha I don’t care to be honest. But 80s/70s music is always good to make a mood. 

What is your relationship with Social Media? Which one is your favorite and why?

I hate social media. It’s super toxic for me haha I use Twitter and Instagram (and Snapchat premium), but I try not to see others’ post because I’m following so many beautiful people and I feel like shit everytime I look at their post. 

Im trying to stay mentally healthy.

Are there any adult stars or other public characters that you follow and that inspired you?

I love Katrina Jade. She’s my queen. But I get inspired every one of performers/ artist I met. I love meeting new people and exchange the opinions etc

What can we expect from Rae Lil Black in the next year?

I’m planning on moving to Europe next year. So you’ll see my progress in everything! And I’m having a lot of projects including my merch, so please stay tuned!

Discover more on Rae Lil Black @raelilblackhttps://www.modelhub.com/RaeLilBlack