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The Fuffologist – The “art” of nothing

How did the idea for this project started?

“The wonderful world of Fuffa seen through my rapid sketches”.

The Fuffologist is an Instagram product!

The idea was to create an account that collects only rapid sketches with a minimalistic style, that takes not more than 10/15 min each to be drawn.

What does “fuffa” means? And what is the role of a “The Fuffologist” then?

“FUFFA” means the “art” of nothing! Frankly I’m the master of that! =)

All jokes in aside I try always to be very controversial mixing together drawings with a provocative quotes.

How did you study to become a “The Fuffologist”?

At first I studied design then I got a master in business… but really I still don’t know how it’s connected with The Fuffologist.

What’s the part you enjoy most about your work?

Being able to innovate always giving to my myself and my folks somethings that is not boring for sure is The motivation, so I think it’s the most enjoyable part of my work.

Have you ever had any issues with social media platforms when sharing your work?


“Not an artist, however a spectator”. What is the most important thing you learned as a spectator?

To respect your Soul!

I learned that the strongest part of each individual is their own identity.
You can be influenced by trends or a movement, but accepting who you are, it allows you to grow professionally, to be proud of yourself, and definitely to innovate.

What is the vision of “The Fuffologist” for the future?

I lunched The Fuffologist account more or less 3 years ago and trust me for a person like me it’s very difficult to resist on the same format for such a long time.

Anyway I always try to evolve in style and subjects; I moved from portraits of incredible people to Radical design, fashion shows or “hype stuff”; at the moment I’m focus on the concept of “The Future is Famale”..who knows what’s next!

Graphically I’m a big fan of the minimalistic b/w style and that’s why it’s very difficult to find on my instagram feed a post that is not b/w, at the same time in my daily life I’m surrounded by colours.

Often I’m working with magazines and fashion brands that in terms of creativity it’s pure energy!

My last collaboration was with an Italian Silk Brand called @serafinesilk. We presented at the Pitti Uomo, a menswear fair located in Florence, a capsule collection of 5 silk foulard hand made in Como; Beautiful! 🙂

Would you recommend any other erotic digital artists that you believe are worth following?

@sarashakeel | @sarahbahbah | @differantly