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Tony Futura – Making ordinary stuff “sexy” again

Hi! Tell us 5 unknown facts about Tony Futura

1) The name Tony Futura was given to as a nickname before i started my instagram channel since i used the font Futura a lot when i started working as a graphic designer.

2) I wanted to become an architect when i was younger. But being terribly at math, i thought that i can never become one since i always believed you need to be a math genius do design houses. 

3) I started studying history and philosophy but i quit after two weeks since this was only an alibi study i took because i was rejected the first time i applied to design school back then.

4) I smoke, but unless other smokers, i don’t have a certain brand of cigarettes, I always try out different brands and i don’t know why i am still doing this.

5) I own bitcoin and over 15 other digital currencies that i believe will make me a trillionaire some day *joking*

What’s your view on eroticism and art?

I think sex is an art and therefore has every reason to be an important topic in arts. Sex and art and love are the most beautiful things we have in our life and since i am trying to always work with objects or themes that people can relate to, sex is a pretty welcome field to play around with. Sex is fun and so should be my work.

A lot of your creations with sexual references are related to food. What’s the connection between food and sexuality?

I like the similarities in it, not just the visibly simple ones like banana – penis for example. We need food, daily and sex daily is also a very welcome thing to most. Also eating and discovering new tastes can give people quite intense feelings that can satisfy you in a similar way.

I just appreciate those two things as important parts of a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Which rituals do you follow within your creative process?

Honestly, i don’t know if i have any special creative rituals. I like to let my mind float by walking through the streets or riding my bike for hours. I’m just collecting impressions until something hits me and makes up a connection in my mind.

I try to keep images of simple things in my mind that i might can connect to something suitable later. Mostly objects like a fence, a rope or a folded shirt let’s say that i feel like i might could do something with it. And if the time’s right, something connectable will appear and i get to have an idea about it.

What are you working on right now?

Currently not much, since some months i try to relax a little. I moved into a new apartment and try to built a home where i feel comfortable.

This is super important for me and my creative freedom, that i have a space where i can block all the daily stress and calm down for some hours.

Besides that i am trying to learn more about 3D rendering software that allows me to visualize even more and gives me the possibility to think differently with the artworks that i am doing.

We have followed the recent case of you and many other visual artists seeing your work appropriated by a major mainstream production. What do you think it says about the creative industry?

I think this is a very sad sign from the industry. I do understand how it feels to be under creative pressure and having to come up with something remarkable. Still this is no reason of blatantly copying from small artists. But at the moment i can’t tell anymore about that.

Thanks to your talent and years of passionate work in design you can count on a huge community to raise attention on the topic. What would your advice be to an artist at the beginning of his career ending up in the same scenario?

I would say that situations like this should keep nobody from creating awesome stuff. Because the difference between copycats and original artists is and will always be, that the ones who copy can never be one step ahead like you. They are always behind and this will be noticed by others.

Would you recommend us another Visual Artist you believe is worth following?

@vermibus @biancoshock and @bas.van.wieringen are great artists with creative minds in very different forms of art i really enjoy having on my feed. those guys are a great inspiration

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