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Vagina Museum – Calebrating and owning the gynecological anatomy

How did you come the decision to build the first “brick and mortar” Vagina Museum, instead of a 100% online project?

The plan was never to make an online project.

I started this project to build a bricks and mortar vagina museum because there is a penis museum in Iceland but no vagina equivalent anywhere in the world.

I wanted to address this imbalance and realised that a vagina museum would be able to do a huge amount of good in the world.

How did you come to choose Camden Market as a location for the Museum?

Camden Market has a rebellious, alternative and queer history, so felt like the perfect fit for our first premises.

What will be the value that the Vagina Museum will provide to its visitors?

We will be providing a platform and forum for people to discuss these important issues that they might feel they can’t talk about elsewhere.

What’s the impact you aim to bring with the Vagina Museum?

To destigamtise the gynaecological anatomy and make it a part of the body to be celebrated.

What’s the Team behind the Vagina Museum?

You can see our trustee board and advisory board on the website. We are currently recruiting for a curator and development and marketing manager

How’s your crowdfunding campaign going? What kind of feedback are you receiving?

The crowdfunding campaign is over, but you can still donate here: https://www.vaginamuseum.co.uk/support
Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

What are your plans after the crowdfunding phase ends?

To open our first premises.

What has been you greatest struggle and your greatest achievement in building an online following to support your project?

The biggest struggle has been online censorship – Facebook and Instagram especially have backwards rules about what is considered “family friendly”. It is against their code to have photographs of people celebrating and owning their body, but sexually explicit drawings, or male gaze heavy photographs are considered fine….
The greatest achievement has been affecting so many people’s lives and prompting conversations that might not have happened otherwise.